Scars Face Treatment: 5 Best Facial Scars Removals


Tired of looking at those facial scars caused by acne, surgeries? Want to go out more confidently about your skin? Don’t worry! You are in the right place. In this article, we will discuss the best ways to get rid of facial scars and how scars face treatment can be done at home.

If you want to get rid of facial scars, you first need to know what a scar is and what type you are trying to get rid of.

Facial scars appear as a natural healing process after an injury. When the dermis is broken, your body forms collagen fibres for repairing that damage, so a scar may be a natural result.

In most cases, the faster a wound heals, the less collagen is going to be deposited and therefore the less noticeable the scar is going to be. Typically, the severity of the scar relies on the severity of the injury or damage. Facial scars form differently in several parts of the body. Scars form differently based on the age of the injured person.

Different types of scars

There are different types of facial scars, each with defining characteristics.

Atrophic scars

An atrophic scar takes the form of a sunken recess in the skin, which has a pitted appearance. These are caused when underlying structures supporting the skin, such as fat or muscle, are lost. This type of scarring is often associated with acne, chickenpox, other diseases (especially Staphylococcus infection), surgery, certain insect and spider bites, or accidents. It can also be caused by a genetic connective tissue disorder, such as Ehlers–Danlos syndrome.

Hypertrophic scars

Hypertrophic scars occur when the body overproduces collagen, which causes the scar to be raised above the surrounding skin. Hypertrophic scars take the form of a red raised lump on the skin. They usually occur within 4 to 8 weeks following wound infection or wound closure with excess tension and/or other traumatic skin injuries.

Keloid Scars

Keloid scars face are the result of aggressive healing and overproduction of tissue. They are characterized by a raised, thick, puffy appearance. They are typically darker than the surrounding skin. Unlike a hypertrophic scar, keloid scars can grow beyond the injured area.

Contracture scars

Contracture scars result from large areas of skin being lost or damaged, typically from burns. They are characterized by tight, shiny skin that can restrict movement.

Scars Face Treatment

Scars are one of the most difficult cosmetic skin issues to treat. While it is possible to reduce some new scars, older ones are particularly hard to get rid of but still not impossible.

There are many ways you can follow to treat your facial scars based on the type of scar and your budget.

Chemical peels

A light (superficial) chemical peel removes the outer layer of skin (epidermis). It’s used to treat fine wrinkles, acne, uneven skin tone and dryness. You might have a light peel every two to five weeks

Caution should be used, particularly for dark-skinned individuals and those individuals susceptible to keloid formation or with active infections.

Filler injections

Filler injections of collagen can be used to raise atrophic scars to the level of surrounding skin. Risks vary based upon the filler used and can include further disfigurement and allergic reaction.

Laser treatment

Nonablative lasers (like the 585 nm pulsed dye laser, 1064 nm and 1320 nm Nd:YAG, or the 1540 nm Er:Glass) are used as laser therapy for hypertrophic scars and keloids. While ablative lasers (like the carbon dioxide laser (CO2) or Er:YAG) offer the best results for atrophic and acne scars.


Low-dose, superficial radiotherapy is sometimes used to prevent recurrence of severe keloid and hypertrophic scarring. It is thought to be effective despite a lack of clinical trials but only used in extreme cases due to the perceived risk of long-term side effects.


Surgical excision of hypertrophic or keloid scars is often associated with other methods, such as pressotherapy or silicone gel sheeting. Lone excision of keloid scars, however, shows a recurrence rate close to 45%. A clinical study is currently ongoing to assess the benefits of a treatment combining surgery and laser-assisted healing in hypertrophic or keloid scars.


Research shows the use of vitamin E and onion extract (sold as Mederma) as treatments for scars is ineffective. Vitamin E causes contact dermatitis in up to 33% of users and in some cases it may worsen scar appearance and could cause minor skin irritations, but Vitamin C and some of its esters fade the dark pigment associated with some scars.

Best Facial Scars Removals You Can Use

a woman with acne scars face

There are many products that can help to improve the appearance of new or old scars, whether from surgery, accidents, burns, scratches or conditions such as acne or chickenpox.

Mederma Advanced Scar Gel Old and New Scars Face and Body

Mederma Advanced Scar Gel For Old and New Scars Face and Body

Mederma Advanced Scar Gel For Old and New Scars Face and Body Gel can help you ease the doubts because it’s clinically shown to improve the overall appearance, color, and texture of scars.

More doctors and pharmacists recommended Mederma than any other brand for older and newer scars.

It works for many types of scars face and body, including acne scars, surgery scars, and scars from burns, cuts, and other injuries. And since you only have to apply Mederma. Advanced Scar Gel once a day, it’s easy to use

How to use – Apply only a thin layer of Mederma Advanced Scar Gel. Gently massage it into the scar until there is no shiny, wet, or sticky feeling left. If your skin appears to be dry or is flaking after you apply Mederma Advanced Scar Gel, you may be using too much. Try using a little less product or gently cleansing the area with mild soap and water before a fresh application.

Remember that results take time, so don’t get discouraged if you do not notice results right away. Generally, Mederma Advanced users start to see noticeable improvement after about 4 weeks of daily usage, with optimum improvement in 8 weeks.

Cutie Academy Facial Scars Removal Cream For Old Scars Face & Body

Cutie Academy Facial Scars Removal Cream For Old Scars is designed just for that. With its formula, that is composed of ginseng, white tea and other special ingredients, a healing process takes place in your skin that lightens your old scars and removes your new scars. Click “BUY NOW” to order, use it, and get results!


Special Note: Before applying any product to your skin, we recommended to do an allergy test first. Put a small amount of this reducing treatment gel on your forearm. Wait about 2 hours and watch for any redness or skin irritation. If there is no negative reaction, then we suggest moving forward with regularly applying the cream.


Apply daily, once every 3-4 hours and before you go to bed. When you apply it, clean area, apply the cream and massage it gently until it is completely absorbed into the skin. For new scars, it is recommended to treat the area for 30-40 days. If it is an older scar, we recommend treatment of 50-60 days.

Scars Face Treatment Body Advanced Scar gel

Scars face and body Scar Remover Gel for Scars from C-Section, Stretch Marks, Acne, Surgery, Effective for both Old and New Scars

#1 Doctor Recommended Ingredient for Scar Removal – Scar Gel is a powerful scar-fighting solution made with 100% medical-grade silicone trusted by physicians, dermatologists, and burn centres worldwide.

Smoother, Softer, Normalized Skin – Its professional formula is designed to effectively flatten and minimize the look of scars while repairing the skin to prevent abnormal scarring. It also diminishes redness and relieves itchiness and discomfort.

For All Ages & Skin Types – The odourless, colourless, and self-drying formula is ideal for use on any part of the face and body, even hard to treat and exposed areas. The scar gel is appropriate for use on children and those with sensitive skin.

Aroamas Silicone Scar Gel for Scars Face and Body

Aroamas Silicone Scar Gel, 45g, Silicone Scar Gel for Surgical Scars, Face, Scar gel with silicone for Keloids, C-Section, Cosmetic Procedures, Burns, Injuries

Aroamas Scar Gel is clinically tested and proven to improve the color, size, texture, and overall appearance of scars from surgery, injury, c-sections, cosmetic procedures, burns or acne.

This facial scars gel contains silicone, a pharmacist recommended scar therapy ingredient. You can now effectively treat surgical scars including c-section, cosmetic procedures, traumas as well as burns and injuries.

Scars face can make one feel self-conscious and embarrassed. With this powerful formula, you can finally have your scarred skin return to normal and regain your

This silicone scar gel formula works powerfully to penetrate deeply into the skin and restore your skin for both old and new scars. In just 8 weeks you can see your skin restored from new scars, while old scars take 3-6 months.

Use this for all skin types, even if you have sensitive skin. The formula was created with natural ingredients so it is gentle on the skin and doesn’t burn or sting.

Scar Cream for Body Scars Face Scars

Best Scar Cream for Face – Vitamin E Oil for Skin After Surgery – Stretch Mark Remover for Men & Women – anti-ageing Lotion – Acne Scar Removal for Old Scars on Body – Scar Treatment for Cuts – For Body Scars Face Scars

SCAR REMOVAL CREAM and stretch mark removal is for old scars face and body or new scar treatment. Antioxidant and omega 3 rich shea butter and coconut oil repair skin and prevent keloid scar tissue from forming.

LOOK YOUNGER WITH THIS EMOLLIENT skin moisturizer rich in vitamin A and E natural ingredients like avocado oil for skin so soft and rosehip oil which promotes increased collagen elastin for firm skin.

BEST SKINCARE scar remover scars face and body cream with kokum butter and Vitamin E helps regenerate new skin cells while jojoba oil moisturizes and neutralizes natural sebum production for glowing skin.

SENSITIVE SKIN CARE scar repair is natural and safe for all skin types. This product is fragrance-free paraben-free triclosan-free and cruelty-free. This mineral oil-free moisturizer is made in the USA.

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